About Us

Company Profile

HKS Holdings, established in 1984, is a leading competitor in the retail fuel sector.
The company first formed in 1984, began through the operation of the first filling station at Ashby Road, Coalville. Today we have now greatly expanded from this and now operate a number of sites owned and operated by ourselves, proving a strong presence nationally.
At HKS we like to provide a lasting impression on each site that we operate and believe strongly in establishing sites at which we can provide our customers with the complete convenience experience. We have a large emphasis on creating sites with many more services than just fuel sales.

Our group includes sites with many additional features, some including mini-super market stores with partners such as Spar.
HKS is continually seeking new ways in which we can improve our services as well seeking new sites at which we can adapt our unique style of operations to further build up on our existence and reputation within the industry by providing more and more customers with our services.
We strive our company on our excellence in customer services and stand proud of our reputation with customers and business partners alike.

Our Philosophy

Throughout our stations, we endeavor to provide the ideal convenience solution providing everything from fuel to everyday groceries in one location, making life simpler for our valued customers!!

HKS Retail